‘The X-Files’ Comics Return to IDW Publishing

After a short publishing hiatus, IDW Publishing will resume publication of comics based on The X-Files in April, just as the venerable FOX series prepares to wrap what appears to be its final season.

The X-Files: Case Files will be a series dedicated to short stories from a variety of creative teams, avoiding the mythology building that consumed much of Joe Harris’s fan-favorite run on The X-Files for IDW in favor of a monster-of-the-week feel.

Happy to announce the return of The X-Files comics from IDW Publishing! New format of two-issue series with ‘Monster of the Week’ stories,” Tipton tweeted.

The first issue of the series launches in June, although April will see the release of The X-Files: JFK Disclosure, in which Tipton and artist Menton3 tell a story in which Mulder finally learns the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy — and that truth seemingly implicates his father.