Robert Downey Jr. Gifted Entire ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Crew With Personalized Cast Chairs

Robert Downey Jr. is showing his appreciation to the crew of Avengers: Infinity War. The star purchased personalized set chairs for every member of the crew.

One such chair showed up on in photos on Instagram. The front has the crew member’s name. The back as a version of the Avengers: Infinity War logo. The arm has a plaque from Stark Industries.

The plaque reads, “Heart felt thanx from the center of my arc reactor,” and is signed by Downey. Take a look at the photos in the Instagram gallery below.


Robert Downey Jr. went for it and got the entire crew personalized cast chairs. Out of control. #infinitywar #marvel @robertdowneyjr Thank you!!!

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Avengers: Infinity War will be Downey’s eighth time playing Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He recently looked back on his legacy as Iron Man.

“I’ve been semi-retired since the first weekend Iron Man 1 opened. The great thing about life is good things happen – and I’ll speak for myself – and you get inflated,” Downey said. “You think, ‘Oh my God, I’ve created everything that’s great in my life.’ And then things happen where you go, ‘OK, there’s evidence to the contrary’ and at this point, you go back to thinking, ‘It’s nice to be on this call sheet.’”

Still, Downey can’t play Iron Man forever. He wants the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be in top shape when he finally exits.

“It’s like with a team if you’re going to hang up your jersey, you want to make sure the team is in good shape and they can still compete at a high level,” Downey said, “because ultimately that’s what made the whole thing worth doing anyways.”