Destiny 3 Rumors – Work on Upcoming ‘Destiny’ Game Has Reportedly Started Already

The “Destiny” franchise has produced some of the most talked about games of this current generation, though they have not always been topics of conversation for the right reasons.

It does not look like the “Destiny” game series is going away anytime in the near future either, with a recent rumor suggesting that the next installment of the franchise may already be in the works.

In a recent article discussing the life cycle of the first “Destiny” game and how that may be repeated in “Destiny 2,” Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton included an interesting bit of information that hinted at the future of this particular first-person shooter series.

Hamilton passed along some information from the website’s news editor, Jason Schreier, who said that he heard “Destiny 3” was “already in development.”

Both Hamilton and Schreier also recently took to Twitter to back up what was mentioned in the article.

Hamilton noted in the article that this was not a surprise and was even expected. That was mainly because of Bungie’s reported long-term deal with publisher Activision.

Still, there are probably a few fans out there who may be caught off guard by this bit of news.

After all, “Destiny 2” hit stores merely months ago, and developers are not even finished releasing all the content for it.

Players of that game may prefer it if the developers focused on that installment first prior to turning their attention to another sequel.

For what it is worth, though the third installment of the series is supposedly in development, it is still unclear just how close it is to being ready. It is possible that the game is still in the very early stages of development, and the majority of the people at Bungie may still be focused on the current installment of the series.

At this point, people may just want to keep this little bit of information in mind, as it could still be a while before “Destiny 3” is made official.